1 Hour/ Dual: $2,850.00

All instructional TP-40 time is taken from engine start to shutdown and the hourly price includes all ground instruction. Ground instruction outside the courses is offered for $50/hour. We recommend that you schedule no more than two lessons per day as most students reach saturation after the second session. We cover a lot of information and we want you to retain as much as possible. All landings will be made to a full-stop.

Click on the links below the picture to see or download the detailed material for your TP-40 Warhawk Training.

All instruction is individually tailored to you and your specific needs.

Our P-40 is certified in the Limited category and does not require a type rating, however most P-40's have Experimental-Exhibition certification which require an Authorized Experimental Aircraft rating on your license, which involves an FAA required check ride. To fly a Limited P-40, you must have 3 endorsements (High-performance, tailwheel and complex). We can award these endorsements and offer introductory training in our T-6 Texan as needed. We do not allow solo flight in our aircraft.


The Check Ride + Examiner will be scheduled/ discussed to complete your training upon booking, as needed.

Our courses are insurance approved. For more detailed insurance information, please contact Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance at (972) 250-0400.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and speak directly with an instructor at (407) 870-7366.


Ground school is available prior to and after your flights if you schedule ahead of time. 



Tel. 407-870-7366

4134 Aviation Dr. 

Kissimmee, Florida 34741



9:00AM - 5:00PM

Sunday: CLOSED 

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Our new website is a work in progress and will be updated going forward. Feel free to email as your feedback is very important to us.


-Warbird Adventures Team.