Ground (Time as needed) 

1.     ☐ Student’s experience, needs and desires

2.     ☐ Maneuvers and procedures to be covered

3.     ☐ Emergency procedures

4.     ☐ Cockpit checkout

Rear cockpit student – Flight 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons 

1.     ☐ Instructor communicates, navigates and performs checklists for student on first lesson.

2.     ☐ Starting procedures explained

3.     ☐ Taxi demonstrated

4.     ☐ Use of checklist explained

5.     ☐ Normal takeoff - Student experience dictates if this is to be demonstrated by the instructor or merely assisted.

6.     ☐ 4 fundamentals, coordination exercises in the climb

7.     ☐ Aerobatics: ☐AR ☐WO ☐L ☐C8 ☐RC8 ☐BR ☐IM ☐SS ☐4PT ☐8PT ☐CL

8.     ☐ Descent operations

9.     ☐ Overhead approach

10.  ☐ Student lands with instructor’s assistance as needed

11.  ☐ Student Taxi

12.  ☐ Shutdown procedures

Rear cockpit student – Debrief (Time as needed)

1.     ☐ Student errors & questions

2.     ☐ Logbook endorsement – Flight school referral 

3.     ☐ Video review (if applicable)

4.     ☐ Supply all study material for a front cockpit checkout on next lesson (if applicable)

30 minutes $1,850

45 minutes $2,450

60 Minutes or more: $2,850/hour

All instructional TP-40 time is taken from engine start to shut-down and the hourly price includes all necessary ground instruction. However, we do not charge for warm-up time or traffic delays, either during taxi or in flight, and we will make sure you consider our service not only the best in the business, but also the best value in Warbird training.

We recommend that you schedule no more than two lessons per day as most students reach saturation after the second session. Warbird training is hard work. We cover a lot of information and we want you to retain as much as possible. Just as the FAA requires for all tailwheel training and currency, all landings will be made to a full-stop as the roll-out is a very important part of learning to land a high-performance tailwheel fighter.

Click on the links below the picture to see or download the detailed study material for your TP-40 Warhawk Training.


Maneuvers we do not offer in our training in order to preserve our Flying National Treasure, are tailslides, spins, sustained inverted flight, G-loads in excess of 5 G’s, aerobatic flight below 5,000’ or outside the scope of FAR 91.303 (Aerobatic flight). Nor any operation in violation of FAR 91.119 (Minimum altitudes), in other words, low level fly-by’s are prohibited. 


As we normally operate with bank angles exceeding 60 degrees and pitch angles exceeding 30 degrees, we are required per FAR 91.307 to wear parachutes. All our Strong Enterprises parachutes are maintained by the factory and our local trusted parachute riggers. We will cover their use and all our parachutes are equipped with static lines that will automatically deploy a parachute upon departure of the aircraft. And no, we have never had to use them before, but it is a required part of your training to understand the operation of this vital piece of emergency equipment. If you have a need to purchase an emergency parachute, we are a Strong dealership, please inquire with our office with your needs. 


Our P-40 is certified in the Limited category and does not require an AEA type rating, however most P-40's have Experimental-Exhibition certification which require an Authorized Experimental Aircraft rating on your license, which involves an FAA required check ride with an FAA designated examiner. To solo a Limited category P-40, you must have 3 endorsements (High-performance, tailwheel and complex). We can award these endorsements and offer preparatory training in our T-6 Texan’s or Citabria aircraft as needed. We do not allow solo flight in our P-40 with the exception of when an applicant is acting as PIC for a check ride with an FAA examiner. 


The Check Ride + Examiner will be scheduled/ discussed to complete your training upon booking, as needed.

Our courses are insurance approved. For more detailed insurance information, please contact Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance at (972) 250-0400.

If you have any questions or would like to book, please feel free to call us and speak directly with an instructor at (407) 870-7366.


Our initial checkout course follows this format:



Tel. 407-870-7366

4134 Aviation Dr. 

Kissimmee, Florida 34741



9:00AM - 5:00PM

Sunday: CLOSED 

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Our new website is a work in progress and will be updated going forward. Feel free to email as your feedback is very important to us.


-Warbird Adventures Team.