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Dual cockpit

P-40 Warhawk



The P-40 Warhawk training is currently not available pending the FAA anti-safety moratorium on flight instruction in Limited Category Aircraft. If you have the need for P-40 training, it's not offered in the United States, so you'll have to take your chances and simply go fly one on your own the first time. Good luck and stay safe out there while training is not available. All of us in the industry hope to have a resolution in 2024. 

We offer the fully dual controlled, dual cockpit, Curtiss TP-40N Warhawk, ‘American Dream’ in our fleet of Vintage aerobatic training aircraft. This aircraft is used in transition training to fighters.


Also available as a fully aerobatic airshow act for airshow producers.  


The mighty Warhawk is available to fly for rated pilots and aspiring-pilots alike. All training is endorsed by our FAA certified Flight Instructors and applies towards High-performance, Complex and Tailwheel columns in your training records and will fulfill the many requirements of your current and future FAA certifications all the way up to the CU-P40 AEA endorsement on your license.

There are only twenty-nine airworthy P-40’s known in the United States today, and ‘American Dream’ is one of only four TP-40’s in the world offering dual instruction to the general public.

We follow our syllabus and offer the same service and opportunities to every customer, but we will of course tailor the instruction to you and your specific needs. All flight training is intended for the purpose of initial and recurrent pilot training, proficiency, or training for all applicable FAA certificates, ratings, or Authorized Experimental Aircraft ratings.

Our introductory lessons follow this format:



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