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5 Hour Course: $5,950.00

10 Hour Course: $10,900.00


All instructional T-6 time is taken from engine start to shutdown and the course price includes all ground instruction. Ground instruction outside the courses is offered for $50/hour. We recommend that you schedule no more than two 1-hour sessions per day as most students reach saturation after the second session. We cover a lot of information and we want you to retain as much as possible. During the first few of hours all landings will be made to a full-stop.


Click on the respective course below the picture to see the detailed syllabus for the respective course that we offer.


All instruction is individually tailored to you and your specific needs.


The T-6 does not require a type rating or an LOA (Letter of Authorization) but you must have 3 endorsements (High-performance, tailwheel and complex) in order to solo. We will award these endorsements once you qualify but we do not allow solo flight in our aircraft.


We can train you to solo your own T-6 either in our aircraft or your own. If you bring your own T-6 for training, the rate is $150.- for flight or ground and the instructor you fly with must be approved on your insurance. Warbird Adventures, Inc. must also be named as additional insured.


Our courses are insurance approved. For more detailed insurance information, please contact Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance at (972) 250-0400.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and speak directly with an instructor at (407) 870-7366.


Ground school is available prior to and after your flights if you schedule ahead of time. Any necessary ground instruction is included in course prices.

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